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811 One-Call is a call everyone needs to make before starting any excavation project! It is a free service which will cover locating all underground utilities from the street to the service meter. Any utility beyond the service meter is usually considered to be a private utility, which will require a second call to a firm that locates private utilities. Here are some examples of private utilities not located by the State One-Call:



  • Gas line to a heated swimming pool

  • Electric to a detached garage/barn

  • Electric yard lights

  • Sanitary or storm sewers

  • Meter to house water lines



  • Parking lot lighting

  • Fire mains

  • Building to building utilities


Remember, some utilities can be even inches below the surface of the ground.  So remember to go Beyond 811 and give us a call.  

The standard locating rate is $250 for the first hour. and $150hr after.

If you are outside the Portland/Vancouver metro we charge a drive time of $75hr. 

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